Building and Executing a Plan.

Below are just a few of the successful campaigns I have had the privilege of creating and executing. Each Campaign was created after identifying a problem, target audience, and intended outcome. Planning a campaign is a team effort but each and every one of us must be on the same page in order to make a cohesive and powerful message.

Click the campaigns to see some of the though process behind the design, language, and technique.

Social Media Campaigns should focus around a goal. Wether you are on Facebook, Instagram Etc. Common goals for Social Media Campaigns include:

  • Getting Feedback

  • Build Email Marketing

  • Increase Website Traffic

  • Improve engagement

  • Drive sales

SC COVID 19 Vaccine

SC DHEC 2021 Vaccination Campaign: An Upbeat, bold, and optimistic campaign that urged South Carolinians to vaccinate.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

The agency focused on these three popular social media platforms to reach the largest audience possible.


DHEC focused on making vaccination information accessible to as many people as possible by translating content into 10+ languages but focusing on Spanish and Chinese.

Engaging Diverse Audiences

Advertisements took form in web, billboards, flyers, stickers, videos, kiosks, A-frames, banners, etc.


SC DHEC 2021 Vaccination Campaign: An Upbeat, bold, and optimistic campaign that urged South Carolinians to vaccinate.

Icons are Key

Icons were used to make information easy to digest.

Never Too Much Info

Information was broken down so that it was easy to read and understand.

Connecting with the Audience

Images and language chosen to better connect with a diverse audience.


2020 Campaign to highlight Riverbanks Zoo and Garden’s efforts to be eco friendly while encouraging guests to practice easy at-home green actions.

Visually Exciting

Visuals were created to catch the attention of in park visitors as well as social media users.

Content for all Ages

Audiences ranged from children to seniors. Difficult Information needs to be easy enough for everyone to understand.

Perfectly Placed

Posters and A-Frame signs were displayed in high traffic areas in the park (like bathrooms) in order to reach a larger and more captivated audience.

Be Positive You're Negative

SC DHEC 2020 Covid 19 Campaign before the holidays that encouraged South Carolinians to get tested and to take precautions before visiting family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Pallet is Important

Colors were specifically chosen to evoke emotions felt during Fall holidays. Nostalgic feelings of comfort felt during family dinners were to encourage travelers to be cautious and get tested before visiting others.

Pinpoint Marketing

Focusing marketing materials to specific groups of people by using slangs and dialect.


SC DHEC 2020 Mask UP Campaign: A formal reminder to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID 19.


Content for this campaign was translated into 10+ languages.

Visual Language

Campaign used very simple to understand visuals.

Videos can help marketers attract more traffic, increase the average time spent by users, increase user engagement, make their websites rank higher on Google, and most importantly, boost conversion rates. In short, video marketing helps marketers in gaining positive results from their marketing campaigns.