Social Media Management

Social Media is Everything

Social media has created an unprecedented opportunity for brands. Today, your business can engage directly with customers and the benefits of doing so include: 

  • Uncovering valuable insights about your buyers and how they view your products, services and brand
  • Handling complaints expediently¬†
  • Developing a stronger value proposition by putting your brand out there and showing prospects and customers you care

You can add a social media, website or streaming platform to and boost your brand engagement by almost 70%.


Government Organization

From 2016- 2021 I helped the Department of Environmental Control to reach all counties in South Carolina. We ran multiple campaigns during my time at dhec. Check them out here:

Banana thrift

Small Business

A local thrift store that is selling items via social media. Instagram, Tik tok and Facebook are key for them to reach new customers and sell unique items.


Digitalization Company

Innovalti helps businesses intigrate the latest tech and software in order to deliver the best quality experiences to customers. Social Media is one of the most important customer drivers they have.


Mentoring Organization

An organization that builds mentoring relationships across borders. Social media must be in multiple languages in order to build thier ideal audience in South and North America.