My Story

I am technically a classically trained artist and studied under Steven Nevitt at Columbia College in South Carolina. I learned the basic elements and principles of art.

While in University I focused on a very specific form of art; Graphic design and I graduated in 2015 with my Bachelors Degree with this as my focus. but I did not stop learning when I graduated.

Things get Techy.

Traditional to Technology

I love painting, drawing ect. but the limitations of these mediums are frustrating. Technology allowed me to create EXACTLY what I wanted to create.

Video production and animation satisfied my craving to make things move.

Web design and UX/UI allowed me to create useful art that had fuction.



    So in 2015 I started focusing on learning new tools offered by Adobe. I worked as a graphic designer working on marketing teams. It was during this time that I was able to practice my design and video production skills.

    My favorite:

    • Indesign
    • Premiere
    • Illustrator
    • After effects




    In 2018 I explored web design and fell in love with UX/UI. in 2019 I started building websites for clients.

    I plan on expanding my knowledge into software design and explore things like Salesforce and Muelsoft.

    I Still Paint

    Live painting events.

    In 2015 I started doing live painting events. I enjoy talking to people while I paint; answering any questions they have about the art or me as an artist. People also enjoy just watching art being created and it can be a great activity at your next event!

    Contact me if you have any questions about my services and for my availability.

      Raised over $10,000

      Over the years I’ve been donating my original artworks and have raised a substantial amount for causes and organizations I believe are making a difference.


      When I was in Highschool I volunteered at Riverbanks Zoo and found a passion in conservation.

      In my early 20’s I worked for multiple conservation organizations and educated others about the importance of the environment and how to reduce your person impact on it. I continue to practice and preach sustainablity but have found different ways to spread the word!