Web Design 


In 2018 I explored web design and fell in love with UX/UI. in 2019 I started building websites for clients.

I plan on expanding my knowledge into software design and explore things like Salesforce and Muelsoft.

Making branding a part of your web design ensures consistency, which supports authenticity. This approach also extends to integrated tools for engagement, such as your social media accounts.


Digitalization Company

Innovalti’s website is a simple landing page for directing potential customers to service details and contact information.

    Banana Thrift

    Small Retail Business

    The Banana Thrift website is a easy to navigate and organized online store pefect for selling the many unique items being sold. Payment is easy and is connected to a background system where employees can track purchases, shipping information, sales, and customers.


      Mentoring Organization

      A website to explain what Boosthub is and what they do. Mentors, Mentees, and Sponsors can read about the requirements and can sign up to be a part of the program. With three different audiences UX/UI was important for keeping the flow and experience of the page visitors.