Merchandise & Packaging

I quickly learned that having merchandise is a very important marketing tool. Things like T-shirts, bags, ect. build a brand and can be a key pillar in building engagement in a company.

Packaging is also a very imporant in establishing trust in a a product and the company behind the product. 

A good way of creating merchandise that people actually want to buy is to combine your brand with ART. A logo on a t-shirt isn’t going to cut it. You need to create something that people actually want to use and look at.


Clear STEM

Skin Care Product Packaging

Clear Stem was looking for a product packaging for one of their new skin care product. The Californian based company wanted the packaging to reflect the refreshing feeling you get after using the serum.

    Moyo Village

    Animal Rescue Apparel

    Moyo Village wanted to fundraise for the organization by selling uniquely designed apparel.




    Tour Lapel Pin Collection

    Program that allows Riverbanks Zoo Guests to get an inside look at animal care, meet some of your favorite animals. Riverbanks wanted each guest to go home with a keepsake from the tour. Each tour now has a unique lapel pin that can only be obtained by going on one of the Backstage tour

    Tours include:

    • Penguin
    • Elephant
    • Giraffe
    • Tortoise
    • Bear
    • Otter


    Fundraiser Clothing line

    CRASH is a nonprofit helping amazing organizations around the world to protect endangered species as well as thier habitats. CRASH wanted to create a whole line of products that featured different animals that they help via fundraising.